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Red Eared Slider Tank - Red Eared Slider Care
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Red Eared Slider Tank

Tank Image Red Eared Slider Tank

Your Red eared slider tank represents your turtle’s habitat and plays  major role in rearing your turtle as it is theplace where your pet is going to spend its life.

Even though these turtles start out very small, a small aquarium will not be enough to rear it. Make sure you have prepared the ideal slider tank before your pet arrives home.

Sliders when properly cared for grow bigger in short periods, and a small aquarium will have to be replaced before you notice it. Generally your red eared slider tank will need about ten gallons of water per inch of turtle, and it’s best to plan ahead.

A good start would be to buy an aquarium that can accommodate a red eared slider turtle of 2-3 years of age and can hold up to 30 gallons of water.  Remember that there has to be enough water in the tank or the slider will not be able to swim properly.

A Red eared slider tank can be glass or acrylic and should be large enough to contain both the dry area and gallons of warm water for your pet to swim in. The sliders usually swim around in deep water and come on to a dry land (such as rocks) to bask and rest. Hence, an ideal slider tank should have a combination of both.

Your Red eared slider tank should have a basking light, UV-B lighting, pebbles, filters and land area made of rock. The aquarium substrate is the material used as the bottom layer of the tank, such as pebbles. Choosing the appropriate substrate is important, as it can affect the whole environment of the aquarium, and the best substrate for a turtle tank has been a matter of debate for a while. Avoid using very small or sharp rocks to avoid ingestion or injury to your turtle.

As the turtles prefer warm water, temperature should be maintained between 75-86 degrees. Usually room-temperature water is fine and a heater is not necessary.  Secure the lights you are using in the tank with a wire mesh rather than glass so that it will not obstruct light in the process and will not accidently fall into the water and hurt your pet.

Water filters of various types like sponge, undergravel, box, power and external canister filters are available to be used in the Red eared slider tank. Using filters ensures that the water gets cleaned automatically, keeping the tank more sanitary and the water quality high.  In the absence of filters, you will have to change the water in the tank manually. Dirty water becomes breeding ground for bacteria and leads to serious infections in your pet. Making sure there is clean water in the tank often ensures a better environment and a healthier pet.

ARed eared slider tank can come in various sizes, shapes and prices. Choose one that will be ideal for your home and your turtle’s needs. Remember you are making an investment, and a well-equipped tank will ensure increased lifespan to your turtle and easier maintenance for you.

Below is a good basic example of a Red eared slider tank and it’s components, click to enlarge:

Tank Image 2 300x120 Red Eared Slider Tank


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