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Red Eared Slider Lifespan - Red Eared Slider Care
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Red Eared Slider Lifespan

Most turtles kept as pets don’t live past 2 years.  This is mostly because of the owners’ lack of desire to properly care for the turtle or lack of knowledge of what their sliders need.

Red Eared Slider lifespan varies a lot, and it’s hard to pinpoint an average age for these turtles.  There are many factors that can contribute to the health of your turtle, including diet, housing, lighting requirements, and general health, among other things.

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With the proper care and attention to these factors, you can increase the red eared slider lifespan significantly.  These turtles can live an average of 20-50 years and beyond.  By learning what your slider needs to stay happy and healthy you will find out how to extend your turtle’s life as much as possible.

To increase the Red eared slider lifespan includes making sure these important factors such as habitat, diet, and overall health are being met.  For those that are adopted into loving families, they can bring companionship and enjoyment to several generations for many years.

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